Bird Blog

2023.06.25 (well 2023.06.19 actually)

Usually I'm watching birds but this days I watched the people watching the birds. While walking down the neighborhood street I saw two people stopped in the street looking up as a lone Northern Mockingbird singing it's heart out at the top of a wood power pole as twilight fell. Another passerby, interested in what might demand such rapt attention stopped and watched for a minute too. As far as I can tell, it was just an ordinary mockingbird, which are rather common in the neighborhood and region. Perhaps it was singing unusual call that were noteworthy of observation and a phone video. More likely I think, they were just discovering and savoring the joy of watching a mockingbird for themselves.

Mockingbirds were the first bird I really started to pay attention to and learned to ID back in Florida. Their song changes frequently, but their voice is consistent. They sing loudly and out in the open, which makes it easy for us to see and appreciate them. I love the little guys. I hope those that stopped to watch this common bird keep it up, learn more about their bird neighbors, and just have a good time. I hope the mockingbird finds a nice lady too, three intrigued millenials doesn't cut it.